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simply [09 Jun 2006|09:22am]

from the frame
to the fibers that mold it
the grain in which
red blood gives me life

from the lungs
to the ribs that hold them
the pain from which
breaths alone fill my life

from the feet
to the legs that told them
how sane it was
to walk this life

from the hands
to the fingers that hold them
the crane which
stay frozen for this life

from the eyes
to the head that folds them
the rain in which
my mind drowns its life

from the heart
to the man who sold him to
the lame in which
he found fortune 'stead of life

from the mouth
to the words of gold that
still simply cannot say
how much he wishes - his summer away
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handcuffs [02 Jun 2006|09:52am]

oh thunderous handcuffs
oh terrible irony
we are destined to be dedicated
to our two founders
but we are not always destined to be placid among them

somehow the sky boils
and plumes of dark knowings
come from unknowing blue
unknowing sun

and soon the air that was once light
in which we could breathe and be easy
is filled with tears from above
they cry from frustration
squeezed out of the sequence
from which the water once calm puddles
rose from below to humdity
and are wrung from the wrongs
but it should be a ring of right
a rainbow bridge of relation that is colorful and bright

lo we thought we were free birds
but instantly we are in shackles
bolted to bolts of lighting that is fury
but why are these electrons fighting?
why is the sky lit with restrictions
shedding light on everything we couldn't previously see in the night?
but we are not enlightened
we are frightend!

why do you boom so angrily?
with belligerent violence you proclaim your dominance
but we simply want to go out and play!
you must rain
you must pour
it is a monsoon of ambiguity
your reasons are not plain
your thunder is not simple
for it is just sound and does not truely exist
but yet still they are handcuffs
and by our lineage we are bound

where did the puffy white freedom go
where you hung in the atmosphere adorning freedom
with your bright white overlook?
when did you turn from cumulo to cumulonimbus?
why now are these shackles ruining my sunny day?
we are not weathermen all
and we are weathered of your weather so stop
whether you know better or not
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galaxy [01 Jun 2006|09:38am]

planet chocolate to blueberry moon
didn't you know?
we'd be great together in the fondu of love
because its subzero in the great space between us
but when we astrometrically collide
in a perfect celestial mergance
the galaxies of aliens to our love would melt around us
and harden in the cold to a shell of mimicry
wishing they could be the heavens we be
in the deepest insides

each star is a distant light
jealous of our coalesence
a luminecence of perfectionists
we make a world all our own
the tenth planet to revolve around The sun

meteorites dare to strike us
careening to force thier spirit into ours
lo craters may be made
we remain suspended in sublime unification
but we are not one

we are a million nebulas of ideas
we are a billion novas of emotions
we are constellations of constant destinations
drawing lines that draw pictures that draw
what we were
what we are
and what they shall see
lightyears from here
lightyears from now
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prehensile [02 May 2006|01:49pm]

here is a dream to have
to hold
to hold an object in my hands
one that breathes
knows that its alive and loves it

everything is shown in a mute white
spread down on legs wrapped round
a feeling
a devotion
a notion of what is best to show what is wanted

want is what we're full of
looking directly at the backs of eyelids
the portrait of each other is too bright to bear
full of the image
i imagine these feelings in 4 dimenions
height, width, depth and strength
4th of which is too strong to know
too strong to break

the motions are intense in intention
intervention of gravity itself
between you i feel above the floor
the ground
the oceans
the earths core
i am in a power of which nobody knows
we climb higher and i recite to you:

here is a dream to have
to hold
to hold anything but an object - that is you
the substance couldn't meet a mass
its in the air
in the veins of our bodys
the connection of their innards
in the sounds, smells, and tastes
it explodes
we explode
we are every color at once
we are a lapse in time, space and reality
for surreal is how i feel of you
when a dream comes true
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circles [01 May 2006|12:25am]

red circles in the sky
darker on the out
its inners glow bright
the blue has been replaced by crimson
are we all to die?

the atmosphere is exploding
with a color known not to be true
the air it seems to be lieing
not saving us from turning to a cerulean tone
oxygen escaped before you woke up

we no longer circle round the sun
we float like a ship lost its sail
down a stream of simple shapes
where are we other than space?

the appocalypse is comming
we're surely all to end
if we don't turn whats brown to green
then we're doomed to all go black

who knew that this earth was a germ
a virus of the galaxy
we'll continue to get so much more vile
til a white blood cell relieves us of our pain

its name will be irony
its name will be our own
its name will be our past of glut
a history which we will become

i'm walking to your house to say goodbye
cause driving would ruin us both.
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